Private becomes Public! Divya Agarwal and Benafsha Soonawalla chat about Priyank Sharma

Divya Agarwal and Benafsha Soonawala had a lengthy chat about Priyank Sharma and here are some revelations.

Divya Agarwal,Benafsha Soonawala Private becomes Public! Divya Agarwal and Benafsha Soonawalla chat about Priyank Sharma Source : Press

Break-ups are bad always and so celebrities are always away from washing their dirty linen in public. One such couple who broke-up recently is Television sensations Priyank Sharma and Divya Agarwal.

The two had a not-so-good- break-up and the end result came out with speculations about Priyank dating his Bigg Boss 11 contestant Benafsha Soonawala.

Now Divya has released some chats which took place in between her and Benafsha and they will rather spill some more beans about Priyank.

Take a look at her Instagram post.

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There are a lot of other chats pictures and things that can be put here to prove that you are a human being who is mean and selfish . Who cheats and plays with multiple girls and boys emotionally and use them for your needs and move on and than talk rubbish and try to slut shame them . Than on public try to show how good a human being you are . Only adding 3 screenshots on chats between @benafshasoonawalla and divya cause this was necessary to tell that Divya is not using your dirty name after breaking up with u post a year . You have been trying to get back to her , when your current gf ben caught u , messaging that don't think I am trying to get back while speaking about divya and other girls and boys you have been with and have dated, in the most vulgar way to ben and others , Trying to slut shame all of them in front of other people and about the guys you have been with portray then as they are obsessed about you and than try to become the victim in a situation where you are the one torturing emotionaly post doing wrong and getting what you needed from people financially or physically or socially . If Ben's parents are reading this get your daughter out of this guy's life . She cries abuses complains and is still stuck with him . You can contact mother and get the rest of the messages which for better reasons cannot be uploaded here . @priyanksharmaaa This is not the last post . Everytime you will put out a lie , you will get a truth . The whole family is standing beside Divya and not just for her but others who can't stand . You are a bad human being, you hAve done wrong to a 17 year old fan, the girl who you claimed to love for 12 years , Divya and the list is long but it needs to end . People need to know you look like good human being your heart is black . And your Best Friend from 7 years say’s Karma @kritikaakapoor96 .The authenticity of the chats can be checked by any legal body . #notlastpost @karanjohar @lostboyjourney @ektaravikapoor @rannvijaysingha @princenarula @kkundrra @varunsood12 @kritikaakapoor96 @mtvindia

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Divya Agarwal entered Vikas Gupta's show Ace Of Space and made some revelations about Priyank, he then went on to post a lengthy note.

Coming to Priyank's rescue Benafsha too posted a long note on her Instagram.

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Good lord. Alright people. I hear you. Here we go. Priyank Sharma, childish, sometimes rude to the people he loves, drama king. Priyank Sharma, also the most loving, emotional, sentimental and forgiving person to have ever stepped on earth. Priyank Sharma, the one who has broken quite a few phones when he’s angry, and priyank sharma, the same guy that’ll pick someone’s call who is in need with the same broken phone. Priyank Sharma, I assure you he will sleep off while watching a movie with you, but he’ll try to keep his eyes open just so you’re happy. The one who will just not start eating until the person next to him has had the first bite. The one who’ll kill me for this post coz he thinks he’s the only one that can praise people, the one who will run on one leg to be there for his parents, his friends, the one who will fly from one country or city to another on one call. Priyank Sharma, the one I cried to right now because he knows we had a fight and HUGE misunderstanding, and he also knows I trust people easily. Because he does the same. All he said .. “sleep cheeks you were shooting all night” Words hurt, everybody’s words hurt. Tell me a time you guys haven’t hurt somebody with your words out of sheer anger and don’t even try to lie. You could break a thousand phones, have a dozen fights, and we could say a million hurtful things to each other, and also sometimes have HUGE HUGE ‘MISUNDERSTANDINGS’ and bitch and gossip about each other to people who are or who we considered our friends but you are stuck with me forever. I’m aware a lot of people have a good laugh over our bond because it’s often misunderstood. But it’s funny how I get the last laugh, because never in many years will anybody ever find a bond as ours. Lastly, Priyank, you’re sometimes misunderstood, cause you talk too much, emote and express too much. But you know, you be you. Because the ones who know you will never let go. you’re crazy, childish at times, emotional mess, angry monster, but you’re also SO loving, respectful, forgiving, kind and someone who melts with a little hug. Priyank Sharma, Ben’s favourite boy, and she wouldn’t have him any other way. #mywholeteam

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Seriously, this social media is becoming worse with each passing day. The platform which started for mere entertainment is now used for multiple things.

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