Prince Narula’s new song ‘Hello Hello’ makes us tell him ‘Bye Bye’

Prince and his girlfriend Yuvika Choudhary’s new song is here and we can’t help but tell them a big Good Bye, such pathetic is the song!

Prince Narula Prince Narula’s new song ‘Hello Hello’ makes us tell him ‘Bye Bye’ Source : Press

The song that start’s with Prince asking Yuvika to roll down her window’s car and tells her “Hello Hello” makes us want to wish them a “TaTa” that very moment. Never have we seen Prince appear so creepy all at once! Right within the fifth line itself we see a desperate Prince singing to us “Mera Bhi Torture Thoda Seh Lo Seh Lo Seh Lo” and we know it just from there how pathetic and traumatic the next 3 minutes are going to be for us! Just like any other Bollywood movie, this Punjabi song too, leaves no stone unturned to explain us how ‘eve teasing’ can change into ‘love’ within minutes. Even if all this is ignored, one simply can’t avoid the blankness in Prince’s voice. There is no ‘sur-taal’ we could anyway find in his voice! If Prince was not enough, towards the end of the song we also had Yuvika Choudhary singing for us. Yes, the lady is seen telling Prince a ‘Hello’ back and in fact even asking him to “Mere dil vich reh lo reh lo reh lo” All this happens on a luxurious boat. Never have we seen such expensive creep abundance anywhere! Well, for all those planning to listen to this one, please make sure you have heard songs from Dhinchak Pooja before to understand the meaning and the significance of the song. For a song that is nothing but “auto tune” being sold at wholesale, we would recommend Prince to stay away from singing.