Piyush Sahdev accused of rape; Beyhadh co-star Kushal Tandon reacts

Television actor Piyush Sahdev has been accused of the allegations of raping a 23-year-old Fashion designer.

Piyush Sahdev Piyush Sahdev accused of rape; Beyhadh co-star Kushal Tandon reacts Source : Press

It came as a shocker when Television actor Piyush Sahdev was accused with the allegations of rape. A 23-year-old Fashion designer filed a complaint against Piyush at Versova Police station. Senior inspector Kiran Kale said to a leading daily, "Yes, he has been arrested on 22nd of November under the charges of rape. He will stay in remand till 27th of November till the court's hearing. He was arrested in the evening from his house."

The complaint was registered on November 20 and was produced at Andheri Metropolitan Magistrate Court on Wednesday. Now his Beyhadh co-star Kushal Tandon has reacted on the entire issue. He was quoted saying, "This is a matter of somebody's life. His career, reputation, family... everything is at stake. I feel this matter needs to be investigated thoroughly. There are so many laws now made for the protection of women and rightly so, but they should not be misused. From what I hear, Piyush was living in with this woman for the last two months. This is not some random person he suddenly met. Nobody knows what transpired between the two. All I can say is that in any such case, we should wait for the police to investigate and the courts to decide, rather than jumping to conclusions about a person's character."

Piyush's sister and Secret Superstar actress Meher Vij has claimed that she did not know anything about the issue and she is not in touch with Piyush or his family. Meanwhile, his brother Gireesh Sahdev said that Piyush is not like that to involve in such activities but there's a 1 percent chance of him being wrong.