Madhurima Tuli and Ssharad Malhotraa to star in a short film together!

Madhurima Tuli and Ssharad Malhotra will star in a short film together titled as Pasta. Read to know more.

Madhurima Tuli,Ssharad Malhotraa Madhurima Tuli and Ssharad Malhotraa to star in a short film together! Source : Press

Television actors like Barun Sobti and Nakkul Mehta have already tried their luck on the digital platform and have emerged successfully.

Now Chandrakanta actress Madhurima Tuli and Ssharad Malhotraa will star in a short film titled Pasta. Currently seen in the mythological Television serial Chandrakanta, Madhurima is seeing an opportunity in this short film as it will give her an image change.

Talking about the film she said, "This short film ‘Pasta' was something very different. It had humor, it had a young look, young people around. The story and concept were so cool that instantly, I just thought to grab this opportunity and be a part of this short film. This will give me an image break also and I can also tell people that I can do something which is not Indian but Indo-western. That's what prompted me to do this short film."

The concept of the film is quite interesting and is a situational comedy wherein a couple is in confusion as love has faded between them even after 3-4 years of marriage.

Madhurima and Ssharad will weave magic on-screen with their chemistry and acting. Talking about Ssharad she said "Ssharad is a fantastic actor as I said before. I think he's very easy going. He makes the other person also very comfortable. He has this amazing personality which shows in his on-screen roles. It was great working with him. I really enjoyed working with him."

Can't wait for this one, right?