Krushna Abhishek talks in support of Kapil Sharma!

Krushna Abhishek has now talked in support of Kapil Sharma for the first time. Read to know what he has to say.

Krushna Abhishek Krushna Abhishek talks in support of Kapil Sharma! Source : Press

Kapil Sharma is currently in a bad state. The actor is not keeping well and is behaving weirdly right now. Many Television actors have extended their support and now comedian Krushna Abhishek has talked in support of Kapil.

While talking to a leading daily he said, "His film didn't work, he's lost a lot of money plus his show Family Time with Kapil didn't work. I never took his side before but I'm feeling bad for him now with the way everyone is pouncing on him. People should just forgive him and let him be. Yes, he consumes alcohol, but he isn't into drugs. He should just stop tweeting. And it's wrong to harass and write negatively about a guy who is dealing with depression. Kapil isn't a bad guy and all of us love him."

Meanwhile, Kapil Sharma was recently in news for tweeting abusive tweets to a journalist. He later posted another set of Tweets where he again targeted the journalist.

Preeti Simoes, Kapil's ex-girlfriend said to a portal, "More than hurt or upset after reading about the allegations put on me, I am appalled at the people who call themselves Kapil Sharma's friends. Instead of taking care of him and getting him out of this mental state they are trying to hide their failure by putting the blame on me. In the last 7 years when Kapil was with me, he saw everything success, fame and after I left a year back see what has happened to him?"

Some reports also suggest that Family Time With Kapil Sharma will go off-air because of Kapil's unprofessional behavior.