Jennifer Winget's sudden transformation from BOLD to BALD!

Jennifer Winget sheds her glamorous look for 'Beyhadh' and dons a bald cap. Be ready for an interesting twist in the tale.

Jennifer Winget Jennifer Winget's sudden transformation from BOLD to BALD! Source : Press

'Beyhadh' is one popular TV show which is enjoying highest TRPs in the recent times. Like the show, the lead actors enjoy a famous celeb status too. While Kushal Tandon and Jennifer Winget are already popular, the show introduced us to Aneri Vajani who portrays Saanjh- the second female lead. Jennifer's portrayal of Maya was loved by all and in no time the actress became the most famous and sexiest vamp of Television. Right from her glamorous outfits, to her quirky accessories, she established a new style statement. But she has now shed her glamorous image and donned a bald look for the show.

As the story goes, Maya is killed by Arjun and Arjun is found guilty of killing her with his friend Saanjh as the co-conspirator. But Maya will return back in an all new avatar to seek revenge. The recent picture which she shared on her Instagram showed her bald look. The actress has not chopped off her luscious waves but she will wear a wig for the same. 

The coming episodes will show Maya saved by some saints and brought to an ashram. While she sees many kids around her, she recalls the time when she lost her own child and holds Arjun responsible for killing her. 

Well, this is not the first time the show will take a leap. But this time Maya is more fearful and she will leave no stone unturned to destroy Arjun and Saanjh's life. 

The twist in the tale is surely interesting and is taking the excitement of the TV audience to the next level. Check this space for more updates.