Jennifer Winget: Honesty is the most desirable quality in a man

Jennifer Winget talks about her popularity and the qualities of a man that attracts her

Jennifer Winget Jennifer Winget: Honesty is the most desirable quality in a man Source : Press

Jennifer Winget is the epitome of beauty and grace. She is one of the most desirable actress of the small screen. As she celebrates her birthday today, Jennifer Winget who has mesmerized the audience with her exquisite persona and acting was asked by a leading Indian daily about her popularity. 

To this, the beautiful actress said, "I have taken a long time to reach this point, and I have not done it alone. It takes an army of people to get everything right - be it your attire, style or make-up. The people I work with, have had a major influence on me and they keep encouraging and guiding me." 

Adding further, Jennifer said, "When I started doing TV, I used to commit many fashion blunders. As clichéd as it may sound, my perseverance and consistency have brought me this far. I believe in doing my work with utmost honesty. Above all, I believe in myself." 

Jennifer's love life has always garnered attention from fans and has been an interesting subject to talk about. Speaking about a desirable quality in a man that she looks out for, she revealed, "Honesty is the most desirable quality in a man. More than anything else, if I can be true to myself with a man and vice versa, we can both grow together. Other qualities would include being decent, presentable and wearing clean shoes. I am particular about wearing clean shoes myself. He should be witty, too."

We wish her happy birthday and hope that she soars much higher in her personal and professional life.