Jennifer Winget charges ‘Beyhadh’ amount of money per episode

Jennifer Winget has made her comeback on the small screen and it may come out as more surprise when you come to know how much Jennifer Winget earns per episode.

Jennifer Winget Jennifer Winget charges ‘Beyhadh’ amount of money per episode Source : Instagram

It has been a long time since Jennifer Winget has made her comeback on the small screen. Popular television actress Jennifer Winget made her comeback last year with Sony Entertainment Television show 'Beyhadh’. The thriller show depicts Jennifer Winget’s role in a very possessive way. Jennifer plays the role of ‘Maya’, who is literally a psycho. 

Jennifer’s acting as ‘Maya’ is very much appreciated and has already impressed the audience and the daily drama soap has gained a lot of popularity just because of Jennifer’s role. Jennifer Winget’s co-star and television actor Kushal Tandon and Aneri Vajani play the lead roles in the show as well, but ‘Maya’ is the one who is ruling our hearts.

The producers of ‘Beyhadh’ are so impressed and happy with Jennifer’s acting as Maya that they have taken her aboard for other show. The project is still untitled and will be having Harshad Chopra in the lead role along with her. But that’s a topic for another day, here the main question is how much does Maya earn with so much of her fame and everything. Interestingly reports have found out how much Jennifer earns per episode in Beyhadh.

Sources state that Jennifer used to get about Rs. 80,000 to 85,000 per episode, but now her paycheck has been hiked to 1 Lakh per episode. That’s just mind boggling. Jennifer Winget was also offered many other series but declined them just for the role as Maya in the television daily. Don’t you think Jennifer totally deserves it? Comment down your views below.