In Pics: Chahatt Khanna's daughter Zohar's first birthday bash!

Check out all the pictures from television actress Chahatt Khanna's daughter Zohar's birthday bash and know more about Chahatt's second pregnancy by reading this article.

Chahatt Khanna In Pics: Chahatt Khanna's daughter Zohar's first birthday bash! Source : Press

Television actress Chahatt Khanna is in the best phase of her life. The new mommy of telly land is enjoying her motherhood to the fullest.

Her little daughter Zohar turned 1-year old recently and the mommy celebrated her baby girl's birthday in the cute possible way. Chahatt threw a birthday bash for the little one and guys you should not miss on it!

Check out all the pictures from Zohar's first birthday:

Zohar looked extremely adorable in a white top which she teamed up with a super cute hairband. Her birthday cake was a beautiful pink color cake with kittens all over it, which was surrounded by many cup cakes.

Moreover, Chahatt looked all glowing and happy as she is also expecting her second child. The soon to be a mommy is flaunting her baby bump in pride.

The actress rose to fame with 'Bade Acche Lagte Hai' and is currently n a break to nurture her daughter. She gave birth to her first child in September last year and when she was asked about her second pregnancy she had said, "What gap? I don't believe in these man-made theories. I'd rather follow gods plans."

The actress is enjoying her second pregnancy too and is due in January 2018. Coming back to little Zohar, the princess has already turned one year old and soon will be playing with her new sibling. Belated Happy Birthday Zohar!

We also wish Chahatt a healthy and safe delivery.

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