Get motivated in 18 minutes! Rithvik Dhanjani turns Ted X speaker

Rithvik Dhanjani to deliver motivational speech on Ted Talk

Rithvik Dhanjani Get motivated in 18 minutes! Rithvik Dhanjani turns Ted X speaker Source : Press

Success is the food for inspiration without which pursuing dreams go in vain. The delineation of success is at variance with every successful personality. Motivation is the only propeller for a successful voyage of life.

The world's largest platform,Ted X brings world's greatest personalities to inspire folks with their unheard stories encompassed with their significance of success. However, Ted X is also designed to grace people from all walks of life irrespective of their heights of success.

According to the latest reports, Rithvik Dhanjani will be the keynote speaker in Ted X. The television actor who is known for his unbeatable comic skills will present the lesser known side of him on the Ted X stage.

Commenting about the same, Rithvik said to a leading tabloid, "Its a great opportunity for me to share my experience and my journey so far. I've chosen a topic which is relatable to each and everyone in the audience and I'm hoping that in the 18 minutes I'm able to do justice to the topic on hand and make a difference."

Owing to Rithvik's strong connect with the youth, which is credited for his huge fan base paved his way to the prestigious stage.

On being asked about the topic that he will be lecturing in Ted X, Rithvik said, "I believe that 'YOU' are the creator and the destroyer and there have been many instances in my own life and in my journey as an actor in which I am able to connect these thoughts on various levels."

Rithvik credits his girlfriend Asha Negi, Ravi Dubey and Karan Wahi for their moral support that gets him motivated always. He said, "Asha has been extremely encouraging as well as a great moral booster for me.Besides that Ravi Dubey has always inspired me to think in a way different from the realm of preconceived notions, and Karan Wahi has been an integral part of my moral support as well."