Dil Hi Toh Hai deals with modern age family discussions

Ekta Kapoor talks about the progressive content of her new show Dil Hi Toh Hai

Ekta Kapoor Dil Hi Toh Hai deals with modern age family discussions Source : Press

Ever since television czarina Ekta Kapoor has stepped into the world of movies and web series, she has been ruling the entertainment business like never before. Her latest outing Dil Hi Toh Hai starring Karan Kundra is a family show with a modern twist.

With every launch of the show, taking risks is the usual game plan of Ekta Kapoor and this time too the bold producer is not shying away from doing so.

When asked about the progressive content in television shows ruling the TRP charts, Ekta said to a leading entertainment portal, "I agree that TV is getting matured. TV is also getting a little boring (laughs) but I don't see too many changes. In fact, I have made a lot of changes in my upcoming show Dil Hi Toh Hai. I am making an updated show for the first time."

On being asked about whether she gets uneasy on how would people respond to the show, Ekta states, "At least, I am trying. I am done (trying to adhere to the moral compasses of the society)," She adds, "It (DHTH) is a family show but it is not the kind of family we have seen for ages, there will be moments in the show when a mother will ask her daughter if she has any boyfriend issues, she will be seen telling her if the boyfriend has left you, it is okay. There will be sex education to the younger kids, good touch, bad touch and there will be sons and fathers having a cigarette and drink together, and it will be a conversation that you have at home, with your sisters and your brothers. It is a today's take on a family."

Karan had recently admitted that Ekta had convinced him to make a comeback on TV. "I told him first thing first, don't complete sentences, TV does it so much. Ek aadmi poori baat bolega then only the second person will speak, like a sing-song. I want to break that, don't mug your dialogue, we have had workshops because I want it to look real. If she is your sister, you won't behave with her like you have just met her," said Ekta.

About whether she feels pressure to deliver hit shows, Ekta said, "(Laughs) On Tv, this baggage I have carried na it sometimes get to me. Why does it always has to be a hit? I can't always have a hit and then I start planning hits which never can happen. I have stopped doing that now. Therefore with Dil Hi Toh Hai, I am like it might not work. You gotta to take a risk eventually."

Dil Hi Toh Hai is set to air on June 18, 2018, on Sony TV.