Chef Nakuul Mehta cooks on the sets of Ishqbaaz

Television hottie Nakuul Mehta turned chef on the sets of 'Ishqbaaz' when the cook didn't turn up without throwing any starry tantrums.

Nakuul Mehta Chef Nakuul Mehta cooks on the sets of Ishqbaaz Source : Press

Nakuul Mehta is one such Television hottie who is the perfect example of the prince in fairy tale stories. Good looks, handsome, smokey eyes, and many more qualities have attracted the TV audience towards the show. Well, little did we know that this Shivaay Singh Oberoi can cook? Don't you believe us? Yes, that's true. It so happened that the chef on their sets of the show 'Ishqbaaz' did not turn up. So without throwing any starry tantrums, Nakuul headed straight to the kitchen. The people present on the sets got a taste of his hand-cooked tea. He even chopped vegetables.

Everyone on the sets was happy to see Nakuul lend a helping hand in the kitchen even if it meant more of posing than actual cooking. Seems like Shivaay has now shifted his focus on cooking! The writer of the show Harneet Singh took notice of his cooking and suggested him to open a restaurant as they involve him more in cooking and less in acting. Nakuul posted the pictures on his Twitter handle and the caption for which reads, "Whoever said working on TV was going to be easy ... When the caterer doesn't show up --->"  

According to a leading daily, the occasion was director Lalit Mohan's birthday. The crew decided to cook something special for him. There's no confirmation whether the actor cooked by himself or they just ordered but whatever it is, sometimes it is good to engage in fun filled activities which give happiness. 

Take a look at his Twitter post here.

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