Bigg Boss 11: Why Zubair Khan filed a complaint against Salman Khan?

The evicted contestant from Bigg Boss 11, Zubair Khan has filed a case against Salman Khan and was recently hospitalized after he tried to commit suicide.

Bigg Boss 11 Bigg Boss 11: Why Zubair Khan filed a complaint against Salman Khan? Source : Press

Zubair Khan who entered the Bigg Boss 11 house this year as a contestant has filed a case against the show's host Salman Khan for threatening him. Recently Zubair was evicted from the house and some reports say that he tried to commit suicide which was the reason he was hospitalized. Zubair filed a police complaint at the Antop Hill Police Station (Thane, Mumbai) against Salman for. Zubair claims that Salman threatened him on the Saturday's episode of the show. He claims Salman told him, "Tere ko kutta banaunga, tu bahar nikal tere ko chhodunga nahi. Tere ko industry me kaam nahi karne dunga, tereko marunga."

A copy of the complaint has been doing the rounds of the internet. It so happened, that Salman lost his cool when Zubair used inappropriate language in the house especially against female contestants. The Weekend Ka Vaar was truly very special as we got to see Salman in his ferocious avatar. It's just the second week and the contestants have provoked Salman to show his other side. 

Zubair Khan

Coming back to Zubair, some reports earlier claimed that he is married to Haseena Parkar's one of the daughters. But it was Salman who said that he has no connection with Dawood and his family and he is a fraud. Some members from Haseena Parkar's family also confirmed by saying that he is misusing the name of their family. 

Priyank Sharma was evicted recently from the Bigg Boss house after he unnecessarily interrupted into a fight between Vikas and Akash.

Zubair Khan