Bigg Boss 11: Vikas Gupta's brother angry on Hina Khan

Bigg Boss 11 contestant Vikas Gupta's brother Siddharth Gupta has lashed out at Hina Khan. To know why check read this article.

Siddharth Gupta,Hina Khan Bigg Boss 11: Vikas Gupta's brother angry on Hina Khan Source : Press

Vikas Gupta and Hina Khan's animosity reached severe heights when Hina trolled Vikas Gupta over his clothes. Hina literally taunted and teased him on his dressing sense which led to a major emotional outburst of Vikas.

Well, Vikas's brother Siddharth Gupta has now reacted on this issue saying, "Everyone feels that Hina Khan is not a very logical person. She says something and does something else altogether. One should practice what one preaches. She keeps on harping that one should not touch a woman, yet she literally climbed on Vikas during the task. I feel what she said about his dressing was really below the belt. It was so so disappointing I can't tell you. It is in poor taste and I feel everyone will agree to what kind of person Hina is. Yes, she has blind fans and a PR machinery behind her but that does not dilute what she is doing inside the house. I feel that Hina Khan is the definition of hypocrisy. She won't stand by what she preaches. Many of her comments are below the belt."

Well, not just Siddharth but many other celebs are also against Hina Khan and feel her behaviour is downright creepy! Guys, what are your thoughts on this? Mention below.