Bigg Boss 11: Divya Agarwal's SHOCKING plans to confront Priyank Sharma

To know Divya Agarwal's shocking plans before entering the Bigg Boss 11 house, read this article

Divya Agarwal,Priyank Sharma,Divya Agarwal and Priyank Sharma Bigg Boss 11: Divya Agarwal's SHOCKING plans to confront Priyank Sharma Source : Press

In tonight's episode of Bigg Boss 11, we will witness an emotional ride. Contestant's family members will visit the house to meet them and as we told you earlier Priyank Sharma's girlfriend Divya Agarwal is also one of them to enter Bigg Boss 11, Divya is extremely angry at Priyank and has already broken up with him.

Her Bigg Boss entry will be much awaited and we know that you are curious to know what are her plans, how is she going to confront Priyank. Well, Speaking to a leading daily Divya has revealed all her plans she said, "I have mixed emotions running inside me. I am emotional and angry. I want to say so many things but it will have to be short and sweet; and yet powerful for him to understand. I am not 'excited'. I would have been damn excited if our relation was hunky dory but right now I am keeping myself calm. I got this opportunity to clear out things with him. Everyone needs that one last chance to meet the person, even if everything has gone for a toss. That feeling can't be explained one last meet is important."

Seems like Divya is still very furious and she needs all answers from Priyank. This episode of Divya questioning him will be quite exciting. Guys, share your thoughts on this.