Big Leak: Bigg Boss season 10 contestants list out!

Here is a big news, for all the Big Boss fans. The list of contestants from the 10th season, is out and you will be surprised to know who all they are!

Big Boss contestants Big Leak: Bigg Boss 10 contestants list out! Source : Press

Recently KRK on his YouTube channel leaked out the list of Bigboss 10 contestants. The 'Deshdrohi' actor did it because according to him he was challenged by the 'Boss of colors'  Raj Naik, to find the list if he can. And this one statement was enough for our Kamaal R Khan to be fumed up and leak the list out. So here in the video he is seen talking about the contestants who are going to make it to the Big Boss house. Given his slow speech and monotonous boring tone, and his cheap and vulgar language ofcourse, we decided to come up with this one where the audiences can simply scroll and look at the images, without the associated boredom.

1. VJ Bani:


She is beautiful, she is bold, she is VJ Bani. This one revolutionized the whole concept of Vj , transforming their image from being all frilly and eyecandy to a cool dude that she is.  She also has been a fitness inspiration for many girls. Known for her not so shy nature and outspoken personality, this lady is here to rule. With such a loud and energetic persona, we smell a lot of fights, it will be intriguing to know who catches up a fight first with her.


2. Rahul Dev:


Rahul Dev is one man who is known for his muscular built and villainous avatar. The actor who rose to fame, after the movie 'champion' will be a part of the show too. So while we are going to have a mix of celebrities and common public this season it willl be intresting to see, who does this 'Pehelwan' hang out with and to whom does he hang out of the house. He is going to be the next Armaan Kohli we guess.


3. Karan Mehra:


Our very own Naitik is also going to be a part of the reality show. We have seen him do so much of drama already, with his 'Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai', so will we see him in the same Sanskari Avatar again? Or there is a lot of more drama left to witness? Well, this we will only come to know after 16th of october. But we can tell you that we are super excited for him already. Like his serial we expect a lot of TRP's rising because of him too. 


4. Gaurav Chopra: 


We can call him an all rounder, given the plethora of roles he has done. From playing the comedian in MTV spoofs to doing the role of an intense man in serials, this man sure has a long way to go. Gaurav was also particularly famous for his affair with 'Naagin' actress Mouni Roy. The two much in love, broke up after a long intense relationship. It will be interesting if this young lad, spills some beans about his past relationship with Mouni, in the show. Controversies await you gaurav!


5. Rohan Mehra:


He is one actor famoud for his role in 'Bade Achhe Lagte Hain'. The actor won a lot of hearts with his cute character in the daily soap. He was also a part of the movie 'sixteen'. Karan was apparently the male lead in the movie. So will the public see him and say 'Karan Acha Lagta hai'? Well, only time will say that. But we expect a cute and innocent boy in the house with his presence.


 6. LopaMudra Raut:


The beauty has represented India at Miss United Continents 2016. She is also a famous models. With such a pretty face in the house, we expect many boys to be drooling over her. Also lets see if she is also able to woo Salman Khan, like Sana Khan and Ellie Avram. After all, when you have Bhaijaan by your side. Making a career in Bollywood isn't a big hard rock? 


Not to forget a big revelation made by KRK himself. The actor very openly said that the gates were open for common people and they were asked various controversial questions during the interview conducted for them. Not to forget the fact that out of the 14 contestants called on the set, only 6 or 7 will be able to make it to the house. So, lets see who are the lucky ones on the 16th of october. 

Salman also shared a picture of the house on his Instagram page as the first look of the house. 



Isn't it royal and trendy at the same time. We can't wait for the time when the whole house will be revealed.