Arshi Khan's take on Shilpa Shinde's MAKKHI comment on Dipika Kakar

In an exclusive interview, Arshi Khan reacted on Dipika Kakar's victory and Shilpa Shinde's comment on her.

Arshi Khan's take on Shilpa Shinde's MAKKHI comment on Dipika Kakar Arshi Khan's take on Shilpa Shinde's MAKKHI comment on Dipika Kakar Source : press

After her snide comments on Bika Gupta 'Awam Ki Jaan' Arshi Khan is back with her bold and straightforward comments and this time she is not happy with Dipika Kakar's Bigg Boss 12 victory. 

In an exclusive interview Arshi Khan was asked her views on the winner of Bigg Boss this season she said "To be honest I haven't watched any episodes of Bigg Boss season 12. Actually, I didn't understand the contestants that who are they and what they are doing. When the show started and when it got to end I have no clue, and how was the winner announced people didn't even get it even i was shocked. I won't say I have any enmity with Dipika Kakar or Sreesanth is my relative. I'm not saying that Sree would have won but Deepak also played well, as much I have heard. Romil was good, I saw a bit of it he was best, so I think these people were more deserving".

When asked to comment on Dipika Kakar's victory Arshi replied "Sreesanth was more deserving then Dipika. If we calculate the level then Sreesanth was more entertaining then Dipika. Dude, I'm more deserving then Dipika(Laugh). Well, talking about Shilpa Shinde's tweet on Dipika Kakar where the Ex Angoori Bhabhi called Dipika as Makkhi, Arshi Khan taking Shilpa's case said "I really didn't understand what 'Makkhi Scene' was all about. I haven't watched Sasural Simar Ka. Then I got to know that she was plying a Makkhi(Fly) in that serial so, Shilpa will answer this question. Well, I enjoy Shilpa's tweet. Whatever she feels she says that she never hides anything that the best thing about her. She would have not to like Dipika that much, she might don't think that Dipika is deserving so she tweeted".

However, Dipika hasn't come forward and replied to Arshi or anyone else who thinks that Sree was better than her.
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