Anita Hassanandani claims that she is not friends with Ekta Kapoor for work

Anita Hassanandani talks about her character in Naagin 3 and her bond with Ekta Kapoor

Anita Hassanandani Anita Hassanandani claims that she is not friends with Ekta Kapoor for work Source : Press

Naagin 3 is all geared up for its launch today on Colors. Anita Hassanandani being one of the main actresses in Naagin 3, she is excited to be associated with Ekta Kapoor's bandwagon. Talking about the same, she said to a leading Indian daily, "I am very excited about this show, and when I got the offer, I instantly said yes. This has been such a successful series and the character too is so different from what I have done, that I had all the reasons to say yes."

Being a part of a two-heroine show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, the actress was quizzed about working on a three-heroine show like Naagin 3, she said, "I am a very secure actor, so I never worry or fuss about these things. I can keep on waiting forever to play the lead but then I choose to enjoy whatever offer that comes my way. There are a lot of people who don't even get this kind of work. I recently did play the lead in Galti Se Mis-Tech, and as far as Naagin 3 is concerned, Vishaka Khanna is the most special character that I have played in my career."

On being asked if she has prepared for the role of naagin by watching other actresses reprising the same role both in television and films, Anita said, "I never do that as I am scared that I might ape them. I believe in playing a character as I perceive it and put in a lot of me. But for the preparation, we did try out various looks and did a lot of trials for costume and makeup. For the acting part, I was briefed that neither can I look positive nor negative. She is a very mysterious character and will keep you guessing about her next move. It had to be subtle and real and so I asked my director to keep a check on me."

Talking about feeling the pressure as both the seasons of Naagin has raked in good TRP's, Anita said, "You do feel the pressure but then you realise that these things are not in your hands. Also, for Balaji Telefilms shows, the script is always the hero, so if you can crack that, it doesn't matter who are the actors. The creative team is really working hard on that, and we are quite confident about Naagin 3."

Although, Naagin has been well admired by the viewers, the show has received much criticism for its content as well. Speaking about the same, the actress said, "To tell you honestly, Ekta rightly knows the pulse of the audience. She produces the kind of shows that people will like. You may call it regressive but then that is also getting the ratings. I think the television audience has really become intelligent today and can differ between fiction and reality. They watch shows today primarily for entertainment purpose."

On being asked about her bond with Ekta Kapoor, Anita said, "Ekta to me is family, and our bond is real and effortless. We don't need to show off our affection and know that we are always there for each other. The same goes with Karan Patel."

On being asked if she fears to take the leisure of saying no to Ekta given the fact that she shares a good relationship with her, Anita said, "When there's honesty, there's no fear. She is my best friend and she would appreciate if I open up to her. I also know what she would have for me will always be the best. But above all, I am not friends with her for work. We might have a professional association but the bond is completely personal."

When asked about doing challenging roles in digital space, Anita, who has acted in web series like Galti Se Mis-tech said, "Web is more open-minded and gives you the chance to experiment and explore. I wouldn't mind doing another show if something exciting comes my way. But whatever I have in my hand, and am happy going with the flow."

Furthermore, she spoke about her journey in the entertainment industry, she said, "I am very content with all the ups and downs that have added to my career. Today, I am in a position where I can proudly say that I have achieved something. My first Telugu film Nuvvu Nenu was the biggest game changer for me. In television, Kabhii Sautan Kabhii Sahelii, Kkavyanjali gave me recognition. But the biggest unexpected turning point would always be Yeh Hai Mohabbatein. It was such an experimental character, in a show that was airing at 11 pm in the night. No one knew it would turn out to be such a hit."

Naagin 3 airs from today at 8 pm on Colors. The show will air every weekend.