Amidst controversies Nana Patekar to play a spy in a TV show

Nana Patekar to play a RAW agent in Firoz Nadiadwala's small screen production which will roll out in November

Nana Patekar Amidst controversies Nana Patekar to play a spy in a TV show Source : Press

Actor's real personality is often camouflaged with their artistic abilities. The illicit traditions of Bollywood have always subjugated the individualistic principles. With zilch conscience and morality, every struggling in Bollywood, is considered as hard work, failing to recognize what goes behind the struggle.

Amidst controversies over sexual harassment, Nana Patekar has bagged a role of a spymaster in Firoz Nadiadwala's small screen production. The veteran actor will be stepping into the shoes of India's first RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) chief, Rameshwarnath Kao. The shoot of the same will begin in November.

The show revolves around the first mission of Raw which was to free East Pakistan to give birth to a separate country Bangladesh.

Confirming the news, Arjun Kumar, who is the associate producer said to a leading tabloid about the project, "A lot of our audience today is watching American shows. The only way to change the game and get them back is to produce quality content. We have been making films on a large canvas and want to do the same for TV now. Nana is the right choice for the part because like RAW he does a lot of good work quietly. It's thanks to these secret agents that our country is safe. We are bringing a lot of other known faces on board."

Meanwhile, actress Tanushree Dutta has hurled accusations on Nana Patekar over sexual harassment, which has led many celebrities to take a stand on the ongoing issue over social media. However, Nana Patekar, who is currently shooting for Housefull4 in Jaisalmer is on a verge to file a legal case against the actress for defaming him.