A furious Niti Taylor lashed out at an AIRLINES

Television actress Niti Taylor LASHED out at leading airlines for making her miss her flight. To know more read this article.

Niti Taylor A furious Niti Taylor lashed out at an AIRLINES Source : Press

Niti Taylor who became popular with her serial Ghulaam had the worst traveling experience recently. The actress was traveling to Kolkatta and was made to wait by the airlines for a long time which even led her to miss the flight.

Niti lashed out the airlines by posting some tweets on social media. Check out few of her tweets: 

Niti Taylor

After posting all this on the Twitter the actress also posted a video, wherein we can clearly see how pissed and angry she was. Take a look:

Niti rose to fame with her serial, Kaisi Yeh Yaarian and then was known for her role of Shivani in Ghulaam but the makers of the show, decided to end her character and soon she made an exit from the show. Niti also reacted on this earlier and had said, "To begin with, I wasn't getting replaced. I was merely exiting as my character was dying. The new girl was supposed to play a new character. The news of my exit came as a shocker and I was affected for a couple of days. However, I took the development in my stride and have now decided to go with the flow. All good things come to an end, but life goes on. Then came the news of the show shutting down abruptly and I was taken aback. It's not going to affect just me, but the entire team. In fact, a few crew members jokingly said, 'Aap jaa rahe ho aur hamein bhi saath le jaa rahe ho'. I told them that it wasn't my fault. But I am happy that my character is not dying. It will be a happy ending for me. The show has given me a lot and I will always be indebted to the team."

Coming back to this incident surely it was a bad morning Niti, but we are glad that you got another flight. Guys, what are your thoughts on this incident? Let us know by commenting below.