Kabir Sadanand is back as a baddie with 'Life Fu*k$'

Kabir Sadanand is back to entertain you but this time with an all new short film titled 'Life Fu*k$' with Sandeepa Dhar.

Kabir Sadanand Kabir Sadanand is back as a baddie with 'Life Fucks' Source : Press

Bollywood films are incomplete without villains. Though we are smitten over by the heroes, it is villains who remain in our memories. There's a long list of actors who have portrayed badass characters on-screen and one of them is Kabir Sadanand. Known for his roles in many Bollywood movies, Kabir is now returning as a baddie but this time in a short film. Kabir is teaming with Sandeepa Dhar for a short film titled as 'Life Fu*k$'.

The movie will be a suspense thriller revolving around the two leads. Always sidelined in Bollywood movies, Kabir has now got a chance to showcase his acting skills as the main lead. Going by the trailer, Kabir looks intense and full of action. His raw, gray avatar, husky and intense voice and spooky expressions send shivers down our spine. How can somebody be so bad to someone? What are his inhibitions? Does he suffer from any mental disorder? Well, the answers to all these questions can be known once the film releases.

It will be a treat to watch Kabir portray a bad guy once again and his acting skills are getting better each passing day. The film is written and directed by Kabir Sadanand and is presented by Frog Pictures in association with Lehren Networks.

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