5 Powerful women characters of Indian TV drama

Here are the few actresses who played the powerful characters in the Indian TV drama who captured our attention. Read more

5 Powerful characters of Indian TV drama 5 Powerful characters of Indian TV drama Source : press

TV dramas have always show-cased a 'Sanskari Beti' who turns in to an 'Agya Kari' Bahu and can do anything to save their family.

But there has been the time when daily soaps broke all the stereotypes on screen and brought some powerful roles played by the talented actresses. Here are a few of the characters from a small screen that shout out ‘more power to women'.

Badho Bahu: The character played by Rytasha Rathore is really powerful. She is shown as an overweight lady who does tough manual tasks, which need physical strength and the lady wins all the battle. She is happy in her own skin and of course, believes ‘Size doesn't matter'

Pratigya Saxena: She is a woman who will go to any length to fight for her rights and also for others. She stands strong in patriarchal society.

Sandhya Rathi: ‘Shaadi Ke Badh Ghar Sambhalo' this isn't meant for Sandhya of Diya Aur Baati Hum serial. She got married and also became an officer who gave her life for her country. 

Ammaji Sangwan: Meghna Malik played a charter of a woman that never seen before. She fought for her family and the evil custom of Female infanticide and rampant misogyny prevalent in the backward village.

Soumya Singh: The show for the first time brought a character of a transgender to the small screen. If we ignore the cliché drama, then Shakti's character was something to watch. 

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