Kollywood finds its very own Tarzan in Arya with this new Kadamban Trailer

Arya's first release of 2017 Kadamban's first trailer is out and Arya macho look is going to set every girl's temperature high. Check out the trailer here

Arya Kollywood finds its very own Tarzan in Arya with this new Kadamban Trailer Source : Press

Arya's first release of 2017, Kadamban's first theatrical trailer has been released. While Arya is still busy in promoting the Great Father, Kadamban's new trailer has surely portrayed Arya as Kollywood very own Tarzan. The sudden postpone the release of this project has made Kadamban, Arya's first release of 2017 and after watching the trailer, Girls won't be able to stop yourself from being in love with the muscular Arya.

Madhavan and Suriya launched the trailer on social media on behalf of their close friend – Arya, who plays the main lead in this film. Talking about the story, The movie is mainly about a group of villagers’ attempt to save the jungles from the clutches of business corporates who are looking to destroy it for sake of development projects. Although it’s a done and dusted theme, the insane cinematography and Arya’s rebellious character makes it an interesting watch. Arya's chemistry with Catherine Tresa also looked very appealing in the trailer.

The only problem the trailer has was that it gave too much of the plot which takes away the thriller factor. But never judge a book by its cover. Who knows, the makers might have some insane twist in the plot. We guess we will have to wait to find that out.

Till then, check out the trailer here: