#MeToo wave moves to South! Lyricist Vairamuthu accused of sexual harassment

Tamil lyricist Vairamuthu has now charged with the allegations of sexual misconduct. Samantha Akkineni, Chinmayi Sripada and others open up.

Vairamuthu #MeToo wave moves to South! Lyricist Vairamuthu accused of sexual harassment Source : Press

The entire country is currently soaked into the #MeTooIndia movement which traveled from the West. With many names popping up with each passing day, there's a stir in the Bollywood film industry and now the wave has moved towards the South Film industry. 

Tamil lyricist Vairamuthu has been accused of sexual misconduct. Two women anonymously said that they were groped and molested by Vairamuthu.

Noted singer Chinmayi Sripada was the first one to comment after she posted journalist Sandhya Menon's tweet which had the screenshot of an anonymous allegation made against the lyricist.

Chinmayi also shared some screenshots that had the allegations against Vairamuthu by her friend. She mentioned that her friend will always remain anonymous.

The next one to speak about the issue is Samantha Akkineni. The actress has always voiced her opinions about Feminism and this time too she did not keep quiet.

She wrote "I am so happy that more and more women are finding the strength to say #MeToo. Your bravery is commendable. I am sorry though that some people, even other women themselves will shame and burden you with the question of proof and doubt. Just know that you are saving many little girls with your voice. I support the #MeTooIndia movement" on her Twitter.

Varalaxmi Sarathkumar too lent her support and tweeted "It's alarming to hear the number of #metoo stories.They say it's better late than never.Thank you to all the women that r being so strong to come out with their stories I stood up last year #metoo I urge every woman affected to stand up,we need to fight for our rights #TimesUp."