Malayalam actress molestation: Opens up and calls it a conspiracy

A well-known Malayalam actress who was recently molested during a cab ride by her driver and four others has finally spoken about the incident.

Malayalam actress molestation Malayalam actress molestation: Opens up and calls it a conspiracy Source : Press

Earlier this year, a leading Malayalam actress abducted during a car ride from Thrissur to Ernakulam. The incident had shocked the film industry and had several celebrities extending their word of support to the actress. She was molested by her cab driver and 4 others and had allegedly also made videos of the tragic incident for blackmail purposes. The accused were arrested by the police and they confessed that they did it all for the money. The actress has opened up in an interview about the whole ordeal and said that she thinks the whole incident was part of a conspiracy against her.

She questioned that, “How will a driver who drives stars to and from locations have the courage to do this? Who, why, how? I have no idea about these questions. I will not say that my enemies in the film industry were behind this.” The actress also mentioned that she needs satisfactory answers for her questions and the answer provided by the accused seem incomplete as they don’t connect all the dots.

The actress bravely confessed that she has enemies in the film industry as she believes there are no permanent friends in politics and cinema. She doesn’t believe in compromising for a role even if she gets tagged as arrogant. She also encouraged other assault survivors to speak up against the crime to bring the culprits behind the bars. She also feels that had she not spoken about the incident she would not have been able to sleep at night and her life would have been filled with regret.