Vishnuvardhan’s son-in-law recreating ‘Shasa Simha’ in ‘Raja Simha’

Aniruddh will recreate the character of Narasimha Gowda played by Dr. Vishnuvardhan in Simhadriya Simha. Filmmakers are going to digitally recreate images of Vishnuvardhan again for this movie

Vishnuvardhan, Shasa Simha, Raja Simha Vishnuvardhan’s son-in-law recreating ‘Shasa Simha’ in ‘Raja Simha’ Source : Press
The late actor was recreated digitally for the film Nagarahavu last year. Now, one of his most popular film characters will be recreated in the upcoming film Raja Simha. Not only that his actress wife Bharathi Vishnuvardhan will be paired opposite the late actor in the film. Anirudh Jatkar, son-in-law of late Dr. Vishnuvardhan is training hard physically to get a trained body which is the demand of the role. He is said to be working on this project for about two years. This time, Sahasa Simha will have a prominent and important role in this movie instead as in a recent film where he was used for publicity purposes only promises Aniruddh. This movie is supposed to be the continuation of the movie Simhadriya Simha. Aniruddh will play reel son to Dr. Vishnuvardhan. So, apparently this movie is a sequel and the script demands the presence of Vishnuvardhan in a lot of scenes. Ambareesh, who is also Vishnuvardhan’s close friend in real life, has also played a role in Raja Simha. The film is directed by Ravi Ram and produced by Basappa. According to sources, the movie will be a total entertainer with lots of comedy, sentiment, and action. The film will be shot in Bengaluru, Mysuru, and Madikeri. Computer graphics will be used to create scenes from Simhadriya Simha and they will be used in the movie. Pawan is playing the friend of Aniruddha and has a comical role in the movie. Bharathi Vishnuvardhan said she was happy to be working with a new director. She plays the role of Aniruddha’s mother in the movie. The leading lady is played by Nikitha. Apparently, the crew is hoping for an April release.

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