Raghu Dixit: Glad to have a made a comeback in the industry with ‘Happy New Year’

Musician Raghu Dixit has composed the music for the film ‘Happy New Year’, which features five different stories.

Raghu Dixit Raghu Dixit: Glad to have a made a comeback in the industry with ‘Happy New Year’ Source : Press

Musician Raghu Dixit is popular for his very contemporary style of music which he has produced in the last few years. Raghu has composed music for the upcoming Kannada film ‘Happy New Year’ which has been directed by Pannaga Bharana. The music composer opened up in a recent interview and talked about his experience of working with the director. “I am very proud to be a part of Happy New Year and cannot thank Pannaga Bharana enough for letting me be his teammate on this one. I am glad that I have made a comeback in the industry with this film," he said.

Talking about his contribution to the film at a personal level, Raghu said that everyone from the team including the editor and cinematographer have invested their creative inputs in the film on a personal level. The film features as many as five different stories and the music of the film had to be produced in such a way that it compliments every story and character well. Calling the film, ‘one-of-its-kind’, Raghu said that the songs have been very beautifully used in the film.

Raghu also spoke about the film’s director Pannaga Bharana and said that he is a great friend and he knew exactly what he wanted and as he had worked in theatre before, it helped a lot during the development of the film. He also said that everything in the film was on schedule which was very unlike with some of his other previous projects.