Zayn to come out with his second single album.

Zayn Malik has already started working on his 2nd album. And sources close to him have also revealed that his new music is probably inspired from his romance with his American model, Gigi Hadid.

Zayn to come out with his second single album. Source : Press
Zayn Malik, the hottie boy from the all boy band, One Direction, who left the band and went all solo with his successful 2016 album, Mind Of Mine. The pillowtalk singer is all set to make his second album. How cool is that! Ever since Zayn & Gigi have started dating, both of them appear head over heals in love with each other. While Gigi can’t stop gushing about her handsome beau at any given chance, Zayn cannot stop either, writing songs about their red hot romance. And now sources reveal that, Zayn is busy putting together material for his 2nd album. “The new tracks are bangers and he wants to put out another solo album, but is in no rush. He has bigger issues to deal with so he is not putting any pressure on himself and his management team is giving him space too”. Zayn has been battling with crippling anxiety issues, which has kept him away from touring in support of ‘Mind Of Mine’. And as for few shows where he is supposed to perform solo he’s cancelled because of panic attacks about performing live. But all this does not mean, that he is sitting back home relaxing. Instead, he is all worked up at his studio working on his second album. So for now lets just wait, and give him his time to spring back again with his awesome music.