What? Bella Thorne is Bisexual?

Bella Thorne has come out as BISEXUAL, post her break up with boyfriend Gregg Sulkin after a year of dating. Bella was also seen passionately smooching one of her gal pals.

What? Bella Thorne is Bisexual? Source : Press
Just a week back she broke up with her boyfriend of 1 year. And just if you thought that Bella Thorne was sitting back home and sulking over Gregg Sulkin, than let us tell you, you are absolutely wrong. Instead the 18 year old actress has moved on, but not to some other hot man. Instead she has now come out as a bisexual. In a polaroid shot shared by the red haired actress shows her embracing her bff Bella Pendergast, and planting a passionate smooch on her lips. And later on. on being questioned by a twitter user if she was bisexual, she responded on twitter with a 'YES' She did not elaborate on her answer but quickly received an outpouring of support from fans on social media. To which she later on thanked her fans for being so supportive with yet another tweet.