Watch What Happens Live: Kim Kardashian begged Khloe to be the surrogate mother for her 3rd baby

Kim Kardashian wants to have her baby no 3 and she is willing to do anything to make her wish come true.

Kim Kardashian Watch What Happens Live: Kim Kardashian begged Khloe to be the surrogate for her 3rd baby Source : Press

It seems that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West especially Kim really want baby no 3 in their family after North and Saint West and they are ready to do anything to make that happen.

In the latest episode of Andy Cohen's "Watch What Happens Live", the reality star once again addressed her one wish to have a third baby and complete their family. During the show, a member of the audience asked if Kim is still trying to get pregnant and the Keeping up with the Kardashians star confessed that she’s been begging her sister Khloe Kardashian to be her surrogate because conceiving naturally is not an option for the star anymore. Well, no one can’t blame the mother of two kids for exploring Plan B, especially after the doctors warned her that a third pregnancy could be seriously dangerous to her health and may lead to something worse.

It is not long when Chrissy Teigen, wife of famous singer John Legend who is a great friend of Kanye West hinted that she would love to be surrogate mother to Kim Kardashian's kid as she loves the entire experience of pregnancy and conceiving a kid, But it seems that Kim is looking for someone in the family who can take up this big responsibility to bear Kim's kid. 

When you think of it, who is better than Khloe. She is the healthiest among the Kardashians. But it is a big responsibility we wonder if Khloe Kardashian will agree to help her sister.