Tristan Thompson cheats on Khloe Kardashian with 5th woman

Tristan Thompson was seen cheating on Khloe Kardashian with a 5th woman and shows no signs of slowing down even though he's a dad for the second time now

Tristan Thompson ,Khloe Kardashian Tristan Thompson cheats on Khloe Kardashian with 5th woman Source : Press

Tristan Thompson was surrounded by turbulent scandals even on the very day he became a father and he shows no signs of slowing down! Now, new photos are surfacing that show the Cleveland Cavaliers player photographed close by yet another woman in this growing drama.

Tristan and the woman whose name is Tania were both seen exiting The Four Seasons in New York City. Later that same day, they were both photographed exiting the nightclub Pergola at separate times but allegedly getting in the same car.

Tania was first spotted with Tristan in November. Then, in February she travelled from NYC to Boston where she apparently caught Cleveland game against the Celtics. She shared a photo from the crowd too.

Tristan and Khloe Kardashian recently welcomed their baby, a girl into this world. Though the name of the baby is not revealed it is reported that Khloe allowed Tritan to be there at the hospital when she gave birth to their daughter. It is also reported that Kris Jenner along with Kourtney and Kim Kardashian and also Khloe's BFF Malika were at the hospital while Khloe gave birth.

If Tristan has some type of relationship with this woman, she would be the 5th to surface since cheating drama started. He was also photographed with 3 women in October getting very touchy and cozy with them as well as earlier this month he was spotted with a strip club employee named Lani Blair and videos of him kissing her as well as taking her back to his hotel room.

Is Tania the end of the list of woman Tristan has allegedly gotten close with or are we just getting started?