The Weeknd liked Bella Hadid's latest bikini pic on Instagram

Bella Hadid to her Instagram posted a sexy pic of herself in a red hot bikini and her boyfriend thought it was so good that he like her pic

The Weeknd ,Bella Hadid The Weeknd liked Bella Hadid's latest bikini pic on Instagram Source : Press

Though Bella Hadid and The Weeknd may not be officially dating, they sure have something going on between them. Bella shared a sexy image of herself in a sexy string red bikini on Instagram and the Weeknd just couldn't help but like the picture. 

Well, it isn't his fault as Bella in the pic has her insane curves and rock hard abs on display. Seems like he just can't get enough of her. But what about their relationship?

Bella and The Weeknd were seen flaunting their PDA in Cannes two years after their breakup. The Weeknd was also later seen supporting Bella as she walked the ramp of the Fashion for Relief Fashion show just a few days later. But somehow we feel that these two won't be labelling their relationship anytime soon.

A source close to Bella revealed, "Bella is being extremely secretive about her status with The Weeknd because her family is not too happy about their relationship. They yet have to forgive him for the way he treated her. He didn't just break her heart, he demolished it." 

If you remember, The Weeknd quickly after his split from Bella was seen dating Selena Gomez, who also ran in the same circle as her sister Gigi.

The source further stated, "Bella Hadid hit rock bottom after her split from The Weeknd, and all she had was her family to heal her. They don't want to see her go back to that dark place. They simply don't trust him and Bella totally gets it, she knows they are just trying to protect her."

And though we understand her family issue, we totally ship this couple.