The Weeknd diss Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson's short romance and quick engagement

Seems like The Weeknd is not here for Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson’s quick engagement after dating for such a short period of time. He expressed his views by liking a shady comment about their relationship not lasting

The Weeknd ,Ariana Grande The Weeknd diss Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson's short romance and quick engagement Source : Press

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson recently got engaged only after dating for a short period of time. But what can we say, when you know, you just know! 

But not everyone is convinced that they are here for the long haul. A fan recently in a comment dissed Ariana and Pete's relationship. And that comment was liked by The Weeknd! The comment read, "I'm calling it now. He is either going to end up with a restraining order from her, or he will end up pulling an OJ Simpson. This is not going to end well."

Ouch! To us, it seems like The Weeknd is being totally shady or he may have thought that the comment was funny as he has no real connection to Ariana besides the song they did together, "Love Me Harder!"

But despite all the shade and the diss, Ariana and Pete are very much in love and will not let something like this minor disses come in between them. 

A source also revealed that Ariana is already planning the big day. The source stated, "He totally surprised her and stole her heart, she never thought she could be this in love.

She has been dreaming about getting married since forever She said for a long time that she wants her brother Frankie to be the one to walk her down the aisle. And, she wants her dogs to be included somehow too."

But we don't know about you, but we are super happy and excited for Ariana and Pete! And we would love for them to be together forever. Pete reportedly dropped $93,000 on the ring so we think this is pretty serious. Though we think that The Weeknd won't be won't be watching them say "I do."