The Weeknd debuts new hairstyle while twining with Bella Hadid in sexy camo

The power couple The Weeknd and Bella Hadid looked super stunning as they rang The Weeknd's 29th birthday in style, while both dressed in sexy camouflage

The Weeknd debuts new hairstyle and also twins with Bella Hadid in sexy camo The Weeknd debuts new hairstyle and also twins with Bella Hadid in sexy camo Source : Splash

After The Weeknd and Bella Hadid exchanged some lavish gifts on Valentine's Day, they continued to prove their love as they were both seen dressed in camouflage outfits on Feb 15. The Weeknd and Bella opted to wear camo jackets, while the Weeknd wore camo sweatpants and Bella wore a camo halter top and a matching mini skirt. She completed her look with Timberland-inspired stilettos.

Seems like the camo look was for The Weeknd's 29th birthday, cause as the clock struck midnight they celebrated The Weeknd's birthday while their guests were also seen wearing camouflage patterns for the affair, The Weeknd also shared various pics and videos form his party to his Instagram. Not only that but He was also seen flaunting a new hairdo! 'Starboy singer had his hair braided in the pic with Bella and even fans approved of the style change.

Bella also shared various other pics of her and The Weeknd to her Instagram Story and even wrote a steamy message in one of them. Her message read, "Happy birthday daddy." Bella seems to be on cloud nine after The Weeknd gave her a lavish surprise that was filled with a landslide of roses, while some were also strewn across a table while others were filled in multiple boxes and vases in the room. But the Candles and red teddy bears topped off the Valentine's Day surprise!

We are so glad to see The Weeknd ring in another year with Bella at his side after they reunited in 2018. Happy Birthday The Weeknd!

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