Scott Disick was torn about not being there for Reign and Mason's birthday

Scott Disick who was halfway across the world in Saudi Arabia, was super unhappy as he missed both sons Mason and Reign’s birthdays. He was torn about having work commitment so far away on both his sons special day.

Scott Disick was torn about not being there for Reign and Mason's birthday Scott Disick was torn about not being there for Reign and Mason's birthday Source : Press

Mason's ninth and Reign's fourth birthday was celebrated while Scott was seen promoting the 2018 Ad Diriyah E-Prix auto race. Scott too got to make a living and he chose to do just that while he was on his business and pleasure trip to Saudi Arabia, even though that caused him to miss both of his sons' birthday on Dec. 14. A source close to Scott revealed, "Scott went to Saudi for work purposes and not for a vacation while he made most of his time there. Scott was paid to go as part of a sponsorship deal he has, with the purpose of helping promote the first ever Saudi Arabian Formula E."

Scott also brought his 20-year-old girlfriend Sofia Richie along, and the optics weren't very good, while his birthday boys were at home in Calabasas. The source further stated, "Everybody knows that wherever Scott goes there's sure to be publicity, especially if he has Sofia with him, and he's the perfect fit to promote Formula E as he loves fast cars and racing. Scott was definitely a little unhappy about attending because it meant missing his sons' birthdays. But it didn't take him too long to accept, as he loves travelling, especially when he's being paid for it."

It is also reported that Scott has promised to make up to his boys when he gets home and to bring them back some really amazing gifts from Saudi. He is also Facetiming with them every day. Scott also took to Instagram and shared a pic of the two cuties aboard on a speedboat off the Italian Riviera with the caption, "Happy birthday my loves."

Kourtney Kardashian threw both her sons awesome parties. Reign's birthday was celebrated on Dec. 1 as a joint party with cousin Saint West, who turned three on Dec. 5. Reign and Saint had an epic Tarzan-themed bash. But Mason's party was just epic. He had a party that all of his friends could enjoy, with a Fortnite theme. There were also bean bags and massive TV screens all across her backyard, so the boys could game away to their heart's content. While there were also tons of sugary treats including Fortnite-themed cookies, cupcakes and a massive birthday cake for Mason.