Rumour: Nicole Kidman to star in Aquaman

Academy award winner Nicole Kidman has been given a nod to play Atlanta in Aquaman’s standalone feature film, which is set to release in October 2018. She is rumored playing Jason Momoa’s mother, Atlanna

Nicole Kidman, Aquaman Rumour: Nicole Kidman to star in Aquaman Source : Press
Nicole Kidman is said to be in early negotiations to join the cast of Aquaman for the role of Atlanna, mother of the superhero Aquaman, played by Jason Momoa. James Wan directed movie is set for a late 2018 release from the Warner Bros. studios. Superhero, Aquaman is based on the DC Comics character, the king of Atlantis, who is born half human and half Atlantean. Nicole Kidman is set to play the role of Atlanna, who has escaped the underwater kingdom and had a son with a lighthouse keeper. The production on the movie will start this April in Australia. Black Manta, the antagonist of the movie is set to be played by the actor, Yahya Abdul-Manteen II, who starred on the Netflix’s original The Get Down. Actress, Amber Heard, will play the love interest of Aquaman and William Dafoe will play the role Aquaman’s science advisor, Dr. Vulko. Meanwhile, Nicole Kidman is also nominated for an Oscar in the category of Best Supporting Actress for her role in Lion. She is also starring in HBO’s series Big Little Lies. She is also assuming the role of executive producer in the HBO’s series, which will premiere on February 23. Jason Momoa had recently stated in an interview that being cast as Aquaman was the best moment of his career so far as it has opened up so many roles for him. The 37-year-old actor is set to take on the DC comics superhero in the upcoming movie Justice League before working on his standalone feature film.