Rihanna's Fenty beauty is in a legal mess for THIS reason

Rihanna's Fenty Beauty has been sued by a woman and she is reportedly looking to receive $15,000 in damages and has also demanded an injunction against Fenty beauty

Rihanna's Fenty beauty is in a legal mess for THIS reason Rihanna's Fenty beauty is in a legal mess for THIS reason Source : Splash

Rihanna and her company Fenty has recently found themselves in a legal soup after a woman sued for ignoring the needs of visually impaired people. A customer named Beatriz Gutierrez has filed a lawsuit against Rihanna in Los Angeles and claimed that she is unable to access Fenty's website as it is not up to date to take care of her needs. It is also reported that the customer is of the opinion that her company is not utilizing the industry-standard that includes screen-reading technology, which helps blind customers access the website with no hassle what so ever.

The woman who sued Rihanna is demanding for $15,000 in damages, while she also demands an injunction against Fenty Beauty. It is reported that Rihanna is not affected by it much as she is praised by fans after she brought in curvy mannequins in the Fenty store in New York. But the blind woman feels that Fenty Beauty isn't using technology for the blind customers to access the website and also thinks that they should have adopted this practice from the start.

She also further revealed how there are various other barriers that make Fenty's products absolutely unavailable for her to buy. Rihanna may get called out or trolled for not having an accessible website, after all, that's what people do on social media, as she is trying to make her brand Fenty, a size-inclusive fashion line. Rihanna is yet to react to the legal issue but we hope she makes her website accessible to all the customers, not only to avoid any further lawsuits but also to make her products available to all as fans just can't stop raving about it.