Regina King almost trips at the Oscars only to be saved by Captain America, Chris Evans

Regina King who took home the Oscar, almost tripped as on her own train, as her heels got caught on the train of her own gown, as she made her way to the stage at the 91st Academy Awards. While Chris Evans wins fans over as he helped best-supporting-actress winner Regina King

Regina King almost trips at the Oscars only to be saved by Captain America Chris Evans Regina King almost trips at the Oscars only to be saved by Captain America Chris Evans Source : Press

Regina King whose name was called, to receive the award as Best Supporting Actress for her role in If Beale Street Could Talk, almost didn't make it to the stage. Regina looked beyond gorgeous in a white gown, with a long train and a VERY high thigh slit, the heel of her shoe got caught on the fabric of her dress and she nearly tripped. But Captain America Chris Evans himself was sitting next to 48-year-old's mom and immediately jumped into action as he helped steady Regina and held onto her arm, not only that he even walked her the first few steps up to the stage, just ensuring she didn't encounter a Jennifer Lawrence-like trip.

Regina was seen saying a "Thank you," to Chris after he accompanied her to the steps. And though it was a small gesture, the Internet began swooning over the superhero. There were more than 75,000 tweets, gushing about the Marvel hero. One user posted a photo of Evans and King's sweet exchange, and joked about it tweeting, "Chris Evans wins Best at Supporting Actress," while another wrote, "Chris Evans might actually be better than Captain America," Another fan stated, "CHRIS EVANS HELPING REGINA KING UP IS THE BEST THING EVER, WHAT A GENTLEMAN #OSCARS."

Regina after her victory was seen telling reporters, "It's hard to put it into words really quickly. I feel like it's kind of like one of those full circle moments because so much of the character Shannon was inspired by my mother and my grandmother. It means so much for me personally because you guys are able to witness this but the love and support and the lifting up that I have received on my journey as an actor in just these past 5 months and how many people are rooting for me and it has not only just been black people."

Chris who was accompanied by Jennifer Lopez was seen on stage to present Best Production Design while he was seen offering his arm to guide JLo to the mic. And fans once again began complimenting the "dynamic duo." Fans even spotted a subtle fist pump that Chris did when "Black Panther" made history, as Hannah Beachler became the first African-American winner for the category.

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