Pamela Anderson agrees of bringing ‘smile and glamour’ to WikiLeaks founder

Pamela Anderson likes spending time with Julian Assange and bring smile to his face because according to her, he lives in dire circumstances

Pamela Anderson Pamela Anderson agrees of bringing ‘smile and glamour’ to WikiLeaks founder Source : Press
Baywatch famed actress Pamela Anderson, who is rumored to be dating Julian Assange, says she likes spending time with founder of WikiLeaks, Jullian Assange, and bring him a little help, a smile and some glamour and he is not just living in dire circumstances. Pamela Anderson sparked up rumors about her romance with Assange after she made a sting of visits to Ecuadorian Embassy in London, where Assange has been given political asylum to live in since 2012, after he was accused of rape during his 2010 visit to Sweden. According to the reports for femalefirst.co.uk, Playboy featured actress likes spending time with him because he lives in dire circumstances and also that she fully supports the actions Jullian Assange has made. In a recent interview to Grazia Magazine Anderson told that Assange is living in dire circumstances, so she as her friend likes to bring a little help, and a smile, and some glamour. She further said that it’s so rare that he has someone to come and visit him and bring him things, and she want to be able to do that for him. She while talking about Assange’s legacy said that it’s about support and she believes in what he is doing. She also thanked God for a person like Julian Assange who has sacrificed a lot for all the people and WikiLeaks is one of the only reliable news sources because it’s just the truth. She ended by saying she really believes that history will look back on him as such an important person.