OMG! Kanye West not North West's dad

And we all thought that it was a perfect family, then comes this piece of news that Kanye West isn't Nort West's father. The rumors have been making rounds since quite some time now.

OMG! Kanye West not North West's dad Source : Press

Oh My God! Kanye West is not North's father! Just when Kim and Kanye's marital life couldn't seem any more perfect, a shocking new report claims that North may not be Kanye's kid. It's said, “There has been a lot of buzz that North is not Kanye’s biological child, and the rumors have been intensifying lately. There’d been buzz that Kim had frozen some embryos, which she’d created with an ex-boyfriend’s sperm, so she could have a baby when she was ready.” So basically who is North's dad then? Kris Humphries? Reggie Bush? Ray J? It's a known fact that Kim deeply loved Reggie Bush, as they dated on and off for 3 years and North’s daddy definitely is a man of color so the NFL star could be the one. Or is it Kris Humphries? as when Kim got pregnant with North, they weren't divorced yet, so it could be him as well. Or is it her sex tape partner? Keep guessing, guys! The rumors will only be stopped when Kim breaks her silence on the same. Kim, we await your valuable disclosure.