Meghan Markle steals the show as she flashes her bra on her first royal birthday!

Meghan Markle suffered a wardrobe malfunction recently as she stepped out in a black dress while flashing her lacy bra.

Meghan Markle Meghan Markle steals the show as she flashes her bra on her first royal birthday! Source : Press

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex celebrated her birthday recently. This was her 37th birthday and her first royal birthday after marrying Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex.

While she never ceases to amaze us, this time Meghan became the center of attraction as she stole the attention while flashing her black lace bra.

OOPS! So was that a wardrobe malfunction? Well, yes.

On August 4, the day of her birthday, Meghan joined her husband Prince Harry to attend a wedding of his close friend.

While Meghan happily waved at the paps, the undone top button of her color-block, pleated shirtdress from Club Monaco revealed that she was wearing a black camisole.

This didn't go well with the Twitter users and they started trolling Meghan for the same. According to many of them, Meghan broke the royal protocol but Myka Meier, Beaumont Etiquette founder explains-

"Meghan did not break royal protocol when her bra showed, as accidents or wardrobe malfunctions are not considered going against dress code rules. Her bra showing was not believed to be deliberate, in which case she would have not been seen to be disrespectful by the palace."

She further adds "A blatant disregard of a rule which was set in order to show respect would when you would consider a break in royal protocol, which the Duchess of Sussex did not do."