Meghan Markle In Tears After Receiving Flak For "Breaking Royal Protocol"

Seems like Meghan Markle's in a soup after breaking royal protocols repeatedly. The news and backlash got the better of her and she broke into tears once

Meghan Markle Meghan Markle In Tears After Receiving Flak For Source : Press

Meghan Markle was recently accused by the fans and reports alike of repeatedly breaking many royal protocols. She was accused of "disrespecting the Queen" after she crossed her legs during a royal engagement. And just moments later, she also attempted to hold the hand of her husband Prince Harry, in public, exactly the opposite of what the royals are supposed to do.

And according to the sources, "Meghan does worry about messing up, she worries terribly, because she wants to do everything perfectly, so she really beats herself up when she gets even the tiniest thing wrong. But, there is so much to remember, so many minuscule little details, it's kind of mind-blowing really-and all incredibly high pressured too, as it's all under a microscope at the same time."

Contrary to the popular belief, it has been alleged that the Queen is actually quite considerate with Meghan and doesn't put any pressure on her when it comes to following the protocols. Harry, being the loving and supportive husband that he is, constantly tells Meghan how amazing she's doing, and how quickly she's learning everything.

The source further states, "The British press is constantly jumping on each and every little faux pas though, and publicly reprimanding Meghan, it's horrible really, and some days she ends up in tears. Harry is so protective of Meghan, and he hates how some of the newspapers write about her, it reminds him of his mother, and the way she was treated by the press, and sometimes Harry worries that nothing has really changed."

So hey, if the Queen and Prince don't have a problem, we don't have a problem.