Meghan Markle FORCED to cut all ties with dad Thomas?

Meghan Markle won’t be reconciling with her father Thomas Markle any time soon as the actress turned royalty has no choice but to cut all ties with her dad!

Meghan Markle Meghan Markle FORCED to cut all ties with dad Thomas? Source : Press

Actress turned Royalty Meghan Markle's strained relationship is showing no signs of reconciliation. According to the latest reports, Meghan has no choice but to cut all communications with her father! 

Sources suggest, "Meghan has been forced to cut communication with her father which really hurts her. It makes Meghan sad that she has little trust in her father and lives in fear of what he will say or do next."

Meghan wants Thomas to be her confidant, but her relationship with her new husband Prince Harry has come first. Sources further suggested, "She wishes she could confide in him because she misses having his love and support. The situation with her dad is disappointing to Meghan. She had no idea about joining the Royal family would make her own family suffer. But her loyalty and allegiance are now to Harry, her husband, the Royal family and making her new life with them work."

Her new life, and duties, are officially taking preference to her relationship with her father.

The cracks in the pair's relationship started to appear after it was revealed a series of paparazzi shots - including ones of him exercising and being fitted for a suit - had been staged. And while the newlyweds Prince Harry and Meghan forgave him for the stunt, and phoned him the day after the wedding, he says has not heard from them since.

However, it's worth noting that Meghan isn't opposed to reconciling in the future. According to reports, "She does miss her father and is desperate to find a way to repair her relationship their relationship. But until then, she is going to keep her distance from her own dad."