Meghan Markle almost trips while walking in stilettos and flowy dress

Though Meghan Markle is a royal now she is also just a regular folk like us. The Duchess of Sussex was recently seen with husband Prince Harry while stumbling as she arrived for the wedding.

Meghan Markle Meghan Markle almost trips while walking in stilettos and flowy dress Source : Press

Meghan Markle even though she married her Prince Charming, aka Prince Harry, she's still just as normal as she ever was. She was recently spotted arriving at Princess Diana‘s niece's wedding looking gorgeous as ever in a pale blue and white floral Oscar de la Renta dress, she did accessorize her fashionable dress with a white fascinator and a pair of matching high heel shoes.

Meghan was seen holding on to her husband's hand to walk into the St. Andrew and St. Mary's Church to watch Harry's cousin tie the knot, Meghan teetered in her stiletto heels and nearly tripped. Luckily Harry who was holding her hand firmly was able to help her steady herself within seconds.

Well, we know how difficult it can be to walk in heels. And if you have not stumbled in high heels, well then its either you've never worn high heels or you're a liar. But not everyone has a royal dude to keep them from face planting on the ground when it happens though.

Now what is also cute is the fact that Prince Harry opted for a blue tie, which coordinated perfectly with his wife's dress. Meghan looked so delighted to be attending the wedding along with Prince Harry as they arrived at the picturesque country church holding hands while also smiling at the other guest. 

As the couple made their way into the church, the newlyweds walked hand-in-hand in a sweet nod to their own matrimonial bliss.

This is also Meghan's first appearance since her one-on-one outing with Queen Elizabeth.