Logan star, Hugh Jackman fights cancer for the sixth time

Logan star, Hugh Jackman decides to get the surgery done for the sixth time. Also the third trailer to the film, Logan was released earlier today. Take a look

Logan, Hugh Jackman Logan star, Hugh Jackman fights cancer for the sixth time Source : Press

Well yes, you read that right. Hugh Jackman decided to get a surgery done for the 6th time now. In this case how we wish Hugh actually had the Wolverine’s healing power and would be invincible, but we can’t help it.

Anyway, according to the cancer specialists, Hugh has this carcinoma which means cancer arising in the epithelial tissue of the skin. Carcinoma affects the complexion, the back area, shoulders, ears, and neck. Hugh took advantage of the occasion to let his fans know that he is alright now and highlighted how important is the use of sunscreen. Hugh Jackman discovered this back 2013 in November.


When Hugh was interviewed, he confessed that he went under no less than 4 surgeries in just 18 months. He is now forced to go through a medical examination at every 3 months for the rest of his life. The 48-year-old says his personal doctor tried to calm him when they discussed this ‘life struggle’ with cancer. ‘If is this the only cross you will have to carry for the rest of your life, you should consider yourself lucky’, said Jackman. Hugh’s agent revealed that his condition is great and we have no reasons to worry. Shortly after he discovered his condition, he signed a partnership with skincare company Pure Growth and launched a sunscreen for children.


Well, his forthcoming film, Logan will also be his last time when the fans will see him play the role of Wolverine. And today they released the third trailer for the 2017 release. Take a look!