Kim Kardashian photoshopped daughter North's pic to make her look thin

Kim Kardashian and her family on may instances have been called ou for photoshopping their eye colour, waistlines and booties. But this time Kim Kardashian has photoshopped her own 5year old daughter to look thinner and fans are not liking it

Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian photoshopped daughter North's pic to make her look thin Source : Press

Kim Kardashian had her own share of Photoshop fails when she tries to make her already amazing body look beyond perfect. Every week someone from the famous KarJenner family is called out for making their waist thinner, changing the colour of their eyes, or just completely distorting their already outstanding features to the point where it makes no physical sense. But this time it seems like Kim has gone a bit far as she is now accused of using the same editing tool to make her 5year old daughter North West look thinner.

Kim shared an image to her Instagram where she is seen crouched down next to North and son Saint West while she puts her cleavage on display in a nude bikini while vacationing in Bali. Though nothing seems to be wrong, in the original pic North's belly was sticking out a little more in her white tank top. But in the edited pic, North's stomach appears noticeably flatter.

Though we aren't sure if Kim 100% edited the pic. But her fans are pretty mad at her. It is unthinkable to try to thin down a small child but it is reported that Kim was not aware of what was done. The mom of three "simply saw the photo on a fan account and posted it without realizing it had been edited." The source also revealed, Kim "would never intentionally retouch a photo of her children to make them appear thinner."

Well, let's hope Kim didn't do what she has been accused off and if she did well let's hope she never does that again as it doesn't send a bad message to all other kids out there.