Khloe Kardashian wants True Thompson's 1st Christmas to be with cousins and not in Cleveland

Khloe Kardashian seemed to have a blast celebrating Thanksgiving with baby daddy Tristan Thompson and daughter True Thompson in Cleveland. However she now wants to Christmas in with her family in LA

Khloe Kardashian,Stormi Webster, Chicago West, True Thompson Khloe Kardashian wants True Thompson's 1st Christmas to be with cousins and not in Cleveland Source : Press

Khloé Kardashian was seen being the perfect girlfriend and mom as she prepared a huge Thanksgiving feast with Tristan Thompson and their baby daughter, True Thompson. She even shared a few pics and videos to her Instagram while celebrating the festive holiday at her home in Cleveland. It also seemed like all was well between the couple, who have endured a tough year after Tristan's cheating scandal.

And now that Christmas is just around the corner, Khloe is looking forward to spending Christmas with her family in Los Angeles. A source close to Khloe revealed, "Khloé wants True to have her first Christmas with all her cousins, that's important to her."

Khloe is looking forward to celebrating Christmas with her entire family, including the Kar-Jenner "Triplets" that include sister Kim Kardashian‘s 11-month-old daughter, Chicago West, and Kylie Jenner‘s 10-month-old daughter, Stormi Webster.

And though Khloe is hoping her basketball player beau will be able to join her in California, the NBA star has a very "tight schedule" and may not be able to celebrate his daughter's first Christmas with the rest of the family. And as Tristan has Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off Khloe hopes that they could all be in LA together for those days, celebrating Christmas as a family with her family.

But despite all the progress Khloe and Tristan have made n repairing their fractured romance However as Khloe's family is wary of Tristan Thompson. But we think they would be less ecstatic if Tristan does make all of Khloe's dreams come true.