Kendall Jenner heads on romantic getway with Ben Simmons and also meets his mum

Kendall Jenner and Ben Simmons are back on and seem to be going super strong. Kendall was also seen spending a romantic weekend with her NBA baller beau in Philadelphia and also met his mum. So are they exclusively dating now?

Kendall Jenner, Ben Simmons Kendall Jenner heads on romantic getway with Ben Simmons and also meets his mum Source : Press

Seems like Kendall Jenner and Ben Simmons are going very strong. Kendall who abruptly ended her romance with Ben in August was seen spending all kinds of time together in recent weeks. But recently the two took things to the next level during their weekend in Philly when Kendall was seen visiting Ben's mother.

It is reported that during her visit to Philadelphia Kendall bonded with his mother. Now that's not the only thing, Kenny and Ben were also seen kicking the holidays together with ice skating, tree trimming and lots of cuddle time!

A source close to Kendall revealed, "Kendall just spent a long weekend with Ben in Philadelphia and it went very well. She even met his mom when she went to watch his games and they really hit it off. For the most part Kendall and Ben kept it pretty low key, they were home at his place a lot cuddled up. He took her ice skating and to watch a college basketball game, they even decorated his Christmas tree together."

Of course, just because Ben and Kendall are seen to be getting super serious, but nothing is set in stone yet. Just a few months back, Ben was seen sending Kendall flowers while begging for another chance, and she was shutting him down. However, he did manage to earn that second shot though and we are so happy to see them together. But it is reported that Ben might actually get her to go all in even though Kendall does not want to put labels on their relationship just yet even though she also seems to be feeling Ben right now. But it would be so exciting to see Ben trying to get a commitment out of her soon.