Justin Bieber's mother wishes ‘daughter’ Hailey Baldwin on her 22nd birthday

Justin Bieber's mother is making an effort to make Hailey Baldwin feels like part of the family. Taking to Twitter Pattie Mallette wished Hailey a Happy Birthday and gushed over her daughter-in-law and revealed how much she loved her.

Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin, Pattie Mallette Justin Bieber's mother wishes ‘daughter’ Hailey Baldwin on her 22nd birthday Source : Press

Seems like husband Justin Bieber‘s mom is super thrilled with the woman he chose to marry. Hailey Baldwin who turned 22 on Nov. 22 was wished by her mother-in-law Pattie Mallette and she showed the world how much she adores her new daughter-in-law.

Pattie Mallette took to Twitter and gushed, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY @haileybaldwin !! I LOVE YOU!! I'm SO #THANKFUL to have you as a daughter!!!" along with a ton of emoji's including hearts, birthday balloons, applauding hands, a turkey in honour of Thanksgiving Day, and faces blowing kisses.

Though the couple hasn't yet revealed whether they are married, they've given enough signals that they're officially husband and wife. And things got super real when Hailey changed her surname on Instagram from "Hailey Baldwin" to "Hailey Bieber." Pattie's love and thankfulness for daughter-in-law Hailey is a punch in the gut for Jelena shippers, as it's pretty solid confirmation that Justin and Hailey are married and there's no going back to Selena Gomez.

Hailey was seen celebrating her birthday the whole week while she also spent time with her husband Justin Bieber and his family. Pattie also shared a video to her Instagram where Justin was seen holding a large cake decorated with strawberries on the top and thick icing while he gave a speech. But that cake was not for eating as Justin suddenly got quite close to his wife and ploughed the cake into her face.

Justin is also reported to have taken a step back from music following his marriage. Though it is proving to be an adjustment for the pop superstar, it seems like an unpleasant one. A source close to Justin revealed, "I wouldn't say he's unhappy, but he's unsettled. He is in love with Hailey and he's very happy about that. "