Jennifer Lawrence won't click selfies with fans

The actress herself confessed of how she has started becoming rude to her fans, and decided not to click selfies at all. Check out what she said exactly!

Jennifer Lawrence Jennifer Lawrence won't click selfies with fans Source : Press
Jennifer Lawrence has been pretty reluctant recently to click selfies with fans. 'The Passengers' star told the media that one of the major negatives of being famous is that fans feel a sense of familiarity with the star, while this isn't the case on the other end. "I have just started becoming really rude and drawn into myself,” the 26-year-old Hunger Games star commented. "I think that people think that we already are friends because I am famous and they feel like they already know me - but I don't know them." she added. She is trying really hard to keep her personal and professional lives separate. "I have to protect my bubble, like, 'I have a weird job - don't let this be a reality." she explained. Produced by Columbia Pictures, Lawrence's latest sci-fi action flick 'Passengers' which also stars Chris Pratt is about a 120-year journey from Earth to a colony planet with 5000 people. It released recently and is enjoying a decent run at the box office over the Christmas holidays. Being one of the top earning actors in the business, it is surprising to know what kind of hardships stars have to go through because of their fame.